"Utah Golf Course Superintendents Association"

Mission Statement

The Utah GCSA is dedicated to improving the superintendents' position in the golf industry through education, networking, advocacy and to grow the game of golf.


Vision Statement

The Utah GCSA is a community of golf course management professionals and a go-to information source to enhance and grow the profession.


Utah Golf Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

When the Utah Golf Hall of Fame committee convened in mid-2019 to begin the process of selecting the 2020 class to the Utah Golf Hall of Fame, they had no idea it wouldn’t be until fall of 2021 before a ceremony could be held.  The group that includes representation from the Utah Golf Association, Utah Section PGA, Utah Golf Course Superintendents Association, Fairways Media and other prominent members of the local sports media worked diligently to select a class and had their sights set on a 2020 induction.  However, hosting an induction ceremony with 200+ people was not going to be an option with a raging global pandemic.  The decision to postpone the ceremony came as no shock anyone but we are excited today to announce the 2021 induction ceremony registration is open!

When: October 28th, 2021

Where: Salt Lake City Marriott University Park – 480 Wakara Way Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Time: 5:30pm cocktail hour, 6:30pm dinner & induction

Registration Link: https://www.greenvelope.com/event/UtahGolfHOF


Review of the 2021 Class of the Utah Golf Hall of Fame

Election to the Utah Golf Hall of Fame is restricted to individuals who were either born and raised in Utah or gained their golf prominence while living in Utah. There is no particular length of residency required.

The primary category for the Utah Golf Hall of Fame and the category given highest consideration, is “player”.  Consideration is given for an exceptional playing record and achievements on local, state and/or national level. A nominee can either be an amateur or professional, and a professional does not have to be a PGA member.  For the 2021 class, the “players” are world class!  Sue Nyhus and Steve Schneiter are foundational golfers in Utah and have not only dominated on the local level but have been movers and shakers on a national stage.  Additional HOF categories include Club Professional, Superintendent, Volunteer, Media and Administrator.  The inductees within these categories is a who’s who of Utah Golf.  Leading the pack are two former Executive Directors, Joe Watts was the UGA Executive Director for 18-years and Scott Whittaker led the Utah Section PGA for over a decade.  Doug Vilven’ s Utah Golf story includes numerous chapters, but he may be most well-known his involvement in the creation of the Utah Section of the PGA and for his brilliance with the Rules of Golf.  Riley Stottern is the first superintendent selected to the Utah Golf Hall of Fame strictly for his work in the profession despite his other accomplishments.


Historic Category

New to the Utah Golf Hall of Fame in 2021 are the inductees in the Historic classification.  The historic distinction is designed to recognize individuals who are no longer living.  Given the addition of new names each cycle, the committee felt some of the game’s most influential players and people could be lost to the pages of history as like the new additions, the committee continues to get younger.  The Historic category has allowed the committee the opportunity to recognize and induct important figures in Utah golf that may otherwise continue to get passed over by the continuous flow of quality nominees eligible for consideration.  The first members of the Utah Golf Hall of Fame under the historical category are Florence Holloran, Lou North, Marion Dunn and Jeanne Goddard.


RSVP Required By Thursday, October 21, 2021


2021 Annual Education Conference & Trade Show

Date: Tuesday, October 5th & Wednesday, October 6th

Location: Rainbow Hotel & Casino, Wendover, NV

Members/Non-Members: click HERE to register

Vendors: click HERE to register

Free Utah GCSA logo'd Columbia Ascender jacket with package A, B, or C registrations!

2021 Annual Education Conference & Trade Show Agenda

Tuesday, October 5th & Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Rainbow Hotel & Casino – Wendover, NV


Tuesday, October 5th

7:00—7:45      Check-in & breakfast

7:45—8:15      Business meeting & elections

8:15—9:15      GCSAA Updates & First Green ProgramDavid Phipps, NW Field Staff Rep., GCSAA

9:15—9:30      Break (sponsored by Empire Turf)

9:30—10:45   Green Grass in a Drought: Yes, it is Possible - Bryan G. Hopkins, Ph.D., CPSS, Professor, Brigham Young University

10:50 – 12:15 Travels with Terry – Equipment Ideas / Superintendent Trends & Ideas - Terry Buchen, CGCS, MS, President & Consulting Agronomist – Golf Agronomy International, LLC                                           

12:15—1:15   Lunch

1:15—3:00      30 years in Turf Research, Advice, and Learning in under 2 hours - Roch Gaussoin, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Agronomy & Horticulture, Extension Turfgrass Specialist, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

3:00—3:15      Break

3:15—4:00      Insights and Guidance for Dealing with Drought – Southwest Region’s experiences, Jeff Jensen, GCSAA Field Staff Rep., Southwest Region             

5:30—8:00      Reception - cocktails, hors d’oeuvres & trade show

8:30—9:30      Optional poker game

Wednesday, October 6th

7:15—8:15      Breakfast & networking

8:45—9:25      Check-in & warm-up @ Toana Vista Golf Course

9:30—2:30      Golf/skins game (lunch on course)

5:00      Banquet dinner & awards

Package A:

  • 2 nights hotel at the Rainbow Hotel (Oct. 4-5)
  • Full education conference
  • Breakfast & lunch each day
  • Banquet dinner
  • Reception & trade show
  • Golf outing at Toana Vista
  • Columbia jacket

With golf: $275

Without golf: $245

Package B:

  • 1 night at the Rainbow Hotel (Oct. 5)
  • Full educaton conference
  • Breakfast & lunch each day
  • Banquet dinner
  • Reception & trade show
  • Golf outing at Toana Vista
  • Columbia jacket

With golf: $255

Without golf: $225

Package C:

  • Full education conference
  • Breakfast lunch each day
  • Banquet dinner
  • Reception & trade show
  • Golf outing at Toana Vista
  • Columbia jacket

With golf: $235

Without golf: $205

Package A, B, or C registrants will receive a

Utah GCSA logo'd Columbia Ascender jacket!!

*Note: Hotel reservations will be made for you once registered.


Response to Utah's Drought Situation

For many generations golf has been a part of the patchwork of society.  It has long since been a place where young and old, expert or beginner, could come together over the love of a game. Ask any of the nearly 24.8 million golfers in the United States what golf means to them, and you’ll find a passionate answer.  Ask any of the 6.2 million new golfers in 2020 and you’ll probably rouse up the same passion.  In 2020 golf’s value was proven.  A year where more places were shutting down than staying open, golf courses still proved what they have always been, an escape. Many flocked to golf courses as a safe place they could recreate during the pandemic. It is uniting across all races, age, and abilities.  What has golf meant to a society?  Ask anyone who has ever picked up a club. 

2021 has now brought about new challenges, namely the drought here in Utah.  Though the state is annually in some form of drought, this year has been exceptional.  Golf Course Superintendents have stepped up and are using what tools we have to do our part to protect one of our most precious resources, water.  The demands of providing a playable golf course that is firm throughout, have superintendents constantly adjusting their practices. Though a reduction of water usage is the ultimate goal, superintendents are using their ingenuity to go about it in a variety of ways depending on what is available to them.  Here are some of the many practices going on at your local golf course to save water.

  • Secondary water for irrigation – Many golf courses in the state use secondary water sources (non-potable) for irrigation.  Secondary water is untreated, unfiltered water, mainly gathered through runoff.
  • Monitoring weather/Turf water loss – Through a variety of weather programs both  real time and predictive, superintendents are adjusting watering schedules based on turf water loss and upcoming weather potential. Advanced weather stations that record temperature, humidity, UV index, Precipitation, and wind speed are used to adjust the amount of water applied daily.
  • Fertility Programs – Not all grass is green simply due to water.  Superintendents are using an extremely precise, balance fertility program based on their individual site. Creating a dense stand of turf that is vigorous and healthy helps grass maintain its color and withstand the stresses of reduced watering.
  • Wetting agents – Wetting agents are products used to make watering more effective.  They reduce natural tensions in the soil and allow water to penetrate more efficiently from the surface.  This allows for less water to be applied to achieve the same soil moisture.
  • Establishing higher mowing heights – Longer grass = deeper roots.  Superintendents are selecting new areas around the course for higher mowing heights.  These areas require less maintenance, less inputs, and less water.
  • Selection of grass varieties – Grass varieties are constantly being evaluated and put into use that possess greater drought tolerance.  Yearly overseeding with grass species that have proven themselves in the intermountain west is an ongoing practice.
  • Irrigation audits/upgrades – Golf Superintendents are constantly evaluating / reevaluating their irrigation system.  Routine audits make sure each irrigation head is applying water appropriately.  Additionally, there have been many advancements made in the golf industry to ensure the entire system is functioning at its optimal level.
  • Sand topdressing – Sand topdressing is utilized to encourage deeper rooting leading to a reduction of water. 

In summary, though the state of the drought has increased in severity, western drought is an annual problem.  Superintendents have been dealing with water issues since day one. They have been working tirelessly to be as efficient as possible, even in years where water is seemingly plentiful.  Water conservation, especially in the west, is a top priority.  These educated men and women are stewards of their environment, ensuring the sustainability of golf courses for future generations.  Though golf courses only make up a small piece of the whole of water usage, the UGCSA and its members are dedicated to do as much as possible to ensure the future of the state of Utah and the game of golf are bright.


2020 Annual Awards

Salesperson of the Year - Daryl Dinkel, Target Specialty Products

Sales Representative for Target Specialty Products.

Business Lead for the Target Golf Team in the western US

I am a graduate from Colorado State University with a BS Majoring in Landscape Horticulture with an emphasis in Turf Grass Management.  I have over 15 years experience as a Golf Course Superintendent and held the title of Certified Golf Course Superintendent as designated by the GCSAA.  In 1997 I was honored with the Western Region Environmental Stewardship Award from the GCSAA.  Overall I have been working the turf industry for over 34 years starting with Perry Dye and Dye Designs.  I currently cover Western Colorado and Central to Northern Utah.  Our warehouse location is at the Freeport Center in Clearfield, UT.  I have been married for 30 years and I have a son (25) and a daughter (23).  During the summer my wife and I drag race in the Rocky Mountain Chapter of America Nostalgia West.

You can reach him on Twitter @DarylDinkel

Email: Daryl.Dinkel@Target-Specialty.com

Phone: 970-214-7101


Assistant Superintendent of the Year - Jack Hammer, Glenwild Golf Club & Spa

I currently work as the 1st assistant superintendent at Glenwild Golf Club in Park City. When I’m not on property working under the direction of Mike Valiant (CGCS) and alongside our maintenance team, I enjoy fly fishing, riding my gravel bike, and spending quality time with my dog, Spud, any way we know how. Additionally, I am currently in my last term at the University of Wyoming pursuing my Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership.  

History in the Industry: 

After earning my degree in Turfgrass Management from Catawba Valley in 2013, I entered the golf course maintenance industry excited to utilize my skills. Having work-based learning from internships and apprenticeships completed at both the Trump National Golf Club of Charlotte and Washington D.C., I earned a spot at Glenwild Golf Club in the spring of 2016. Taking the skills I have from my past and combining them with the rigors and challenges faced in the intermountain west have been an invaluable opportunity that I am dedicated to developing.  


Superintendent of the Year (Public) - Jay Geise, Hobble Creek Golf Course

I grew up in rural northwest Ohio and ended up pursuing a bachelors in Turfgrass Science from Ohio State after working at several high end clubs in the area. While in school I worked at two Top 100 courses (Muirfield and Medinah) as well as another internship in the Seattle Area. I fell in love with the mountains and ended up moving back to Washington when I got my degree. 5 years and two Assistant positions later we moved to Utah for the Assistant Position at Riverside Country Club in Provo. Now I have just finished my third season at Hobble Creek as Superintendent. In my spare time, I like to mountain bike and ski with my wife, Hannah and hike with our two dogs.


Superintendent of the Year (Private) - Jake Ebner, Alpine Country Club

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri and moved to Utah in April of 2000.  My love of the game of golf lead me to my first job as a young teenager at Bogey Hills Country Club.  Being just 15 when I started, my mom got up early every morning and drove me to work. After graduating with my degree in Horticulture and getting married in 2000, we moved west to Utah and I began my job at Alpine Country Club as part of the maintenance crew. One year later, in 2001, I was promoted to Assistant Superintendent.  In August of 2006, I was lucky enough to be given a chance to become the interim Superintendent. Later that year in November I was officially made the Superintendent at Alpine. Twenty years, three kids, two homes and many ski days later, I’m so thankful to be here. Utah allows our family to do all the activities we love to do-golf, ski, boat, fish, camp, hike and it’s all right here.  I’ll never tire of watching the sun come up over the Wasatch mountains.  


COVID-19 Message

We know the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak has temporarily turned our lives upside down and we wanted to let you know that the Utah GCSA Board of Directors are closely monitoring the updates and recommendations from local entities. Although, for the time being our region is mildly affected, we want to make sure we are following all safety guidelines and precautions. UGCSA events will still be planned accordingly but will be re-evaluated as they get closer. GCSAA has put together some resources to help during this challenging time (linked below). Our chapter will be getting something together quickly as well.
Further, a letter was sent to Governor Gary Herbert on Monday, March 23, recommending that golf course maintenance be allowed to continue working should there be a shelter in place order.
Please know that the superintendent community is here and we care about the wellbeing of you and your family.
Stay healthy & safe!

Riley Stottern, CGCS - Utah Golf Hall of Fame

The Utah GCSA along with the governing bodies of Utah Golf are elated to announce Riley Stottern, CGCS, being inducted into the Utah Golf Hall of Fame.  Riley’s lasting influence on the members of this association and GCSAA will be felt for many years to come.  His passion for the profession and willingness to serve are the focus to why he was chosen for this prestigious award.  Mr. Stottern will be inducted on October 22, as part of the 2020 class.  He joins UGCSA member and Fore Lakes Golf Course owner Todd Barker as one of two superintendents in the Utah Hall of Fame.  In honor of the induction, we thought we’d throw it back to 1986 when Riley was elected president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA).   Originally published by Golf Course Management, March 1986.


We have a new NAME!



On October 10 & 11 in Wendover, NV, the Intermountain Golf Course Superintendents Association held its annual education conference and trade show.  One of the agenda items on the ballot at this years’ conference was the name change from IGCSA (Intermountain) to the UGCSA (Utah).  The initiative was brought forth for two main reasons.  The first being the membership is almost completely comprised of individuals from Utah.  The “Intermountain” region spans well outside of the borders of Utah.  Secondly, the UGCSA would be more identifiable on a national level.  Most people outside of the region are not familiar with the term “Intermountain” and the area it is entailing.  The ballot initiative passed and is in the final stages of officially changing on a national level.  Marching forward, the Utah Golf Course Superintendent Association should be more identifiable for the members of other associations, and we are proud to have the name of our great state attached to our professional organization.


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Membership in the Utah GCSA is open to any individual directly involved in the turf industry. Golf course superintendents, assistants, employees of members, manufacturers, distributors, educators, turf maintenance professionals, turfgrass students and specialists are all welcome. Membership classifications are assigned according to the Utah GCSA Bylaws.